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Our Rottweiler puppies are raised in a  loving social environment . We spend numerous hours interacting with them daily building their confidence preparing them for their new homes at 8 weeks of age.

They are regularly wormed so they get a good start in life & fed various high quality foods preparing them for their future homes.

Pups are vaccinated & micro-chipped before they leave for their new homes & families.

Our pups are primarily & most importantly bred to be family guard/companions above & before all other attributes. This family suitable temperament is the single most important factor when breeding a litter of pups coming before show titles or cosmetic beauty traits.

Health is a major priority in our kennel, so we pay careful attention to breeding from Rottweilers with a history of long life, lack of genetic disorders & healthy hips & elbows. The only time you want to visit the Vet is for a regular check up & vaccination protocol.

The new families should not be burdened with negative health issues, they should simply  enjoy a healthy long living dog.

Many of our foundation Rottweilers at Von Zennith Kennels regularly surpass 10 years of age.

For example our beloved Champion Arkon is still alive & healthy at 12 years of age:

Arkon as a Rottweiler puppy

Arkon as a Rottweiler puppy

Arkon as a healthy Rottweiler at 12 years of age

Arkon as a healthy Rottweiler at 12 years of age

Arkon’s daughters Cruz & Clara are 10+, our boy is Colt 13 years old & Hannes lived until 12 aswell. There are numerous others that we could mention & the list goes on.

Genetics play the major role in good health & long life , strong healthy genetics are vital in any Rottweiler breeding programme & should always come first. The other lesser contributory factors but equally as important being a good healthy diet, clean shelter & adequate exercise.

Good looks , champion show titles etc. are simply not enough genetics are number one..

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