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Von Zennith kennels is located in Melbourne Australia .We have been involved with the breed since 1984 when we bought our first Rottweiler sired by Felix vom Magdeberg.

We are breeders, importers and exporters of German bloodline Rottweilers

Our aim is to breed the complete Rottweiler -

TEMPERAMENT -should be like old style Rottweilers with strong working drives, courage, guarding instinct with a stable trustworthy mentality.Must be willing to work in protection ,obedience & tracking - must not be a couch potato or Labrador like.

PHYSICALLY - a dog must be rugged , athletic , fit & healthy while maintaining a powerful intimidating Rottweiler appearance - Strong bones , huge head with a pronounced stop ,wide muzzle , strong body construction with heavy bones.

PERFORMANCE - We enjoy working our dogs in all 3 phases of Schutzhund & we occasionally participate in Speciality Shows only. We strive to maintain a high quality breeding programme , regularly importing high quality dogs.We export our dogs worldwide for competition & breeding purposes.

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